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You've worked hard to establish yourself as a qualified Fitness professional, but it only takes one incident to put all of that in jeopardy.

Your clients trust you with their wellbeing and safety while they are in your care, protecting yourself with professional liability insurance is an essential part of good risk management, providing protection in the case of claims due to an accident or injury, giving you confidence knowing that you are prepared.

At AED710 per year, This REPs UAE insurance scheme has been specifically designed for fitness industry professionals who are REPs registered operating in a gym, studio, fitness facility, client's homes or outdoors and complying with local legal requirements.

*Coverage Includes:

  • Public Liability to a maximum indemnity of $5,000,000 any one occurrence/unlimited
  • Medical malpractice to a maximum indemnity of $250,000 any one claim and in the aggregate including defense costs per member.
  • Professional Liability/Errors or Omissions/Breach of Professional Duty to a maximum indemnity of $250,000 any one claim and in the aggregate including defense costs per member.
  • Claims arising in respect of third party bodily injury and property damage
  • Protection against Medical Malpractice
  • Protection against Errors and Omissions incidents.
Information Required

Please complete every section below to avoid delay in processing.

1.)Type of Qualifications(s) / Year Qualified / Country Qualification?

2.)Address Details

3.) Do you suffer from any disabilities, transmittable diseases (e.g. hepatitis, HIV, etc.) or other impediment which may affect the performance of your professional duties as a fitness trainer?

4.)Have you been the subject of or convicted of any criminal offence (other than minor traffic offences), professional disciplinary proceedings, or inquiries?

5.) Have any claims for injury or professional negligence been made against you during the last 3 years?

6.) Has any insurer previously declined to accept, cancelled, refused to continue or agreed to continue only on special terms, in respect of this type of insurance?

Declaration of Applicant

I hereby declare that the above statements and facts are true and that no material facts have been suppressed or misstated. I understand that the completion of this form does not bind coverage. The company’s acceptance of this proposal and payment is required before cover is valid and the policy issued.

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