Code of Ethics

REPs UAE seeks an ethical advancement of the sport and fitness industry. It is true to the mission of REPs UAE to ensure that registered exercise professionals maintain ethical standards when practicing their profession. The REPs UAE Code of Ethics enables further protection to individuals seeking a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

It is expected that all exercise professionals maintain a high degree of professionalism and ethical behaviour. All REPs UAE registered exercise professionals agree to abide by this Code of Ethics.

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REPs UAE works to promote ethical practices in the fitness industry. It is part of the mission of REPs to ensure that registered exercise professionals maintain ethical standards. The REPs UAE Code of Ethics provides further protection for members of the public seeking a healthy lifestyle and using the services of a registered exercise professional.

Professional Standards

The exercise professional will:

Maintain their level of qualification and undergo continuing professional development activities

On request detail their qualifications, experience and registration details to participants

Understand legal responsibilities and accountability as an exercise professional

Promote and maintain practice based on current knowledge and research

Recognise when it is important to refer a participant to another professional

Accept responsibility for professional decisions

Act within the boundaries of their qualification and registration level

Project an image of professionalism and good health


The exercise professional will:

Act with integrity as an exercise professional

Avoid inappropriate behaviour in relations with participants while working as an exercise professional

Promote the welfare and best interests of participants

Ensure clarity, honesty and accuracy in all communications with participants and others

Respect and Transparency

The exercise professional will:

Respect individual difference and diversity

Keep clear records of dealings with participants

Inform participants transparently of any fi nancial costs related to activity

Treat everyone equitably and sensitively within the context of their activity and ability – regardless of age, disability, gender and ethnic background

Respect and preserve confidential information relating to participants in terms of personal, social, health, and fitness information

Ensure relationships between registered professionals and their clients should be based on documented, contractual arrangements which are clear, transparent and unambiguous.

Challenge any form of discrimination against a participant

Only disclose information to other professionals that is necessary and with permission of the participant


The exercise professional will:

Maintain the safety of participants

Show a duty of care and deal with accidents and emergencies appropriately

Not advocate of condone the use performance enhancing substances

Ensure participants have prepared adequately for activity

Identify and respect the physical limits of ability of participant


The exercise professional will:

Not do anything that brings themselves, another fi tness professional, a fi tness centre, REPs UAE, or the fi tness industry in to disrepute

Ensure advertising of services is truthful, inoffensive and does not make claims that can not be supported

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