REPs Terms & Conditions

These our our terms and conditions for using our site. Please read them carefully.

Terms and Conditions

I wish to apply for REPs registration and agree (please read carefully):

  • To follow the REPs Code of Ethical Practice (a copy can be downloaded) and to be bound by anny REPs complaints process.
  • That all information provided on this form is accurate and true.
  • That REPs has permission to contact any third party to verify any details of my registration application. To also allow to pass on any contact details to third parties that provide services, and for them to contact me.
  • To undertake any audits or reviews REPs may undertake to verify my level of registration and/or competencies.
  • To allow REPs to disclose to third parties my registration status, and any reasons for non-registration.
  • To undertake any identified tranining or assessment at my own cost, which REPs recommends as needed to gain entry on to REPs Register.
  • To make payment of the registration fee to REPs, payment is for application, not acceptance. Refunds are not given for unsuccessful registrations.
  • That all online forms completed in my name that correctly provide my date of birth and email address will be binding.
  • To undertake suffficient ongoing educatino (Continuing Professional Development). Currently 10 CPD Points are required each registration year.
  • To maintain a current email address at all times, and receive all email communications from REPs.
  • All payments for registration are for 12 months from the date of certification, and refunds are not given for change of mind, unsuccessful registration, or failure to meet registration standards.
  • This agreement is between the applicant as detailed in section 1, and the UAE Register of Exercise Professionals limited.
  • Renewal of registration will be made upon expiry date with a renewal fee of Dhs420 (VAT incl.). If renewal is made after the 30 day grace period I understand a AED 105 penalty fee will be incurred and that date of renewal expiry will be one year from original expiry date, not one year from renewal payment date.
  • REP's accept payments online using Visa and Mastercard credit/debit card in AED. Any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with this website shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of UAE.

    United Arab Emirates is our country of domicile.

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