The REPs UAE Occupational Standards for the health and fitness industry

REPs UAE is based on the fitness industry standards which have been developed for each area of exercise and fitness instruction which is covered by the register.

Occupational Standards describe the skills, knowledge and competence needed to work as an instructor in the fitness industry. REPs UAE is a guarantee that instructors are competent and qualified against these standards. Instructors on REPs UAE have demonstrated that they can work to these standards, normally by gaining an approved qualification which teaches and assesses everything in these standards. The standards are based on the "ICREPs Global Standards"? developed by the International Confederation for Registers of Exercise Professionals, the global organisation for fitness registers that REPs UAE is a member of.

The standards can be used by education providers to develop courses, employers to organise staff structures, or instructors themselves to map their skills and competences and plan their career.

The following is a list of the UAE Fitness Standards:


A1. Promote health and safety as an exercise professional

A2. Apply principles of fitness, anatomy and physiology in fitness instruction

A3. Recognise and apply exercise considerations for specific populations

A4. Deliver a positive customer experience to clients

A5. Support client motivation and adherence

A6. Develop professional practice and personal career in the health and fitness industry

Gym Instructor Standards

B1. Provide healthy eating and lifestyle information to clients

B2. Conduct gym inductions, health screening and fitness assessments

B3. Plan and instruct exercise in the gym


C1. Conduct health screening

C2. Deliver Pre-choreographed group exercise to music

C3. Plan and instruct group exercise

C4. Plan and instruct water-based fitness


D1. Conduct client consultations and fitness assessments

D2. Apply the principles of exercise science to programme design

D3. Apply the principles of nutrition and weight management within an exercise programme

D4. Design personal training programmes

D5. Plan and deliver personal training sessions

D6. Support long-term behaviour change by monitoring client exercise adherence and applying motivational techniques

D7. Manage, review, adapt and evaluate personal training programmes

Pilates Standard

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Here you can download the standards.

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