Just like REPs, we are all about enritsch-ing people's lives.  We do this by providing people access to tools and and resources, including free advice and counsel from Experts such as REPs fitness guru Rhian Adams, to help them live a happy, inspired life.  ENRITSCH is the UAEs leading online health & wellness platform used by 37,500+ people each month, who are seeking physical, psychological and spiritual growth and improvement in their life.  For further information, visit, or follow us in social @enritschinglives.


FittGROUP is a regional leader in fitness, media an events.  Our business offers creativity and energy across the fitness, media and events industries.  We offer the full range of services, including; sports perfornace and fitness training, sports events, facility consultancy and management, activations, talent, sports media and marketing.  FittGROUP connects clients and their brands to captive audiences and inspires consumer action.

Our vision is to make a connection with our clients that captures their audience and creates action.  Our value is total professionalism and commitment to our clients and talent.  We believe in integrity to clients, teamwork with our partners and dedication to their work.




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