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MyoFascial Slings

By Paul Thornley ANMT


Myofascial slings are mythical stepping stones that introduce continuity of relationships, in an anatomical journey that helps steer us away away from the parts and pieces of the academicians biomechanics.


Of course they don’t exist in a none linear biological structure, we are totally and completely ONE.


However, within the one is symphony of activity that is finely tuned. “Just move it “ is not only inappropriate but reflects poorly on an industry that is constantly having to deal with the consequences of moving poorly. It’s akin to saying just play the guitar, without knowing how to tune it, understand how to position you and it correctly, then play a chord properly before achieving the skill full ability to actually play a song , that’s in tune!


We know little about the human form, but what we do know is pretty awesome.


We know that we’re chemically driven as a result of neurological stimulation, we are far removed from being a muscular skeletal being. Understanding the effects on living tissue helps us inform people of how to move and manage the ramifications of their choices. Movement is skilled, otherwise anyone could do it and nobody would ever get injured, longevity is the crown jewel in our species but we focus so much on intensity that shortens our ability to attain the longevity we seek.


Fascia is a terrible word to explain the incredible fibrous connective, intertwining & structural network that we are. It is not a sheath or wrapping, it is our architecture that facilitates as the primary environment for all specific structures and systems to reside and function within.


Myofascial slings we are not, there are absolutely no lines within any of the 8 billion souls on earth. Fascia research has awoken an industry blinded by the anatomical past, especially for all those bound by having to have scientific evidence based research, let’s involve Dr Jaap Van Der Wal, Drs Antonio & Carla Stecco , Dr Robert Schleip or Dr Neil These and of course John Sharkey. There are thousands of great minds not using science as a hammer to defend a point of view but rather to collaborate on how best to learn and share, so that we as apparent movement professionals do a better job than what we are currently doing.


Movement isn’t medicine if it’s done poorly, poor movement more than often requires medical and therapeutic help. Our communities demands we in this industry step up and make a better account of ourselves.

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