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REPs UAE Standards updated to reflect global best practice

REPs UAE Standards updated to reflect global best practice


REPs is pleased to launch updated and revised occupational standards to underpin the structure and categories of the register.


Providing safe and effective exercise relies on skilled and knowledgeable instructors. As the health and fitness industry has reached new levels of professionalism there has been a focus on setting standards of instructor performance, ensuring fit-for-purpose qualifications and implementing registration systems for exercise professionals.


Occupational Standards describe the skills, knowledge and competence needed to work as an instructor in the fitness industry. It is important that they reflect current practice in the industry and cover the tasks which instructors are expected to perform by those who engage their services. As the industry evolves so do the roles of instructors so standards need to be regularly updated. Changes from the previous set of standards include being able to work with a wider range of clients, business skills for personal trainers, and using technology in programme design and implementation with clients.


REPs UAE is a guarantee that instructors are competent and qualified against these standards. Instructors on REPs UAE have demonstrated that they can work to these standards, normally by gaining an approved qualification which teaches and assesses all aspects contained in the standards.


The REPs UAE Occupational Standards are based on the “ICREPs Global Standards” developed by the International Confederation for Registers of Exercise Professionals (ICREPs), the global organisation for fitness registers that REPs UAE is a member of. ICREPs is an international partnership between registration bodies around the world that register exercise professionals.  It is a requirement of ICREPs that fitness registers are “competency based” registers based on occupational standards. It is the mapping of standards between fitness registers in different countries which results in the formal reciprocal agreements which mean fitness instructors can move around the world and maintain their registration in the new country.


Catherine Hanson Farid, REPs Director of Operations, said “It is important for REPs to be at the cutting edge of developments in the fitness industry and to reflect best practice from around the world, one way we can do this is by ensuring the occupational standards which underpins the register are up to date and benchmarked against our partner registers. We look forward to keeping the standards under review with our partners as the industry continues to grow and evolve in new and exciting ways”.  


Check out the updated REPs UAE occupational standards here:

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