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Healthy Living Crab Stack Recipe




Crab Mix and Salsa Crab meat 700 gms Lemon juice 80 gms Olive oil 50 ml Papaya 300 gms

Onion 100 gms

Tomato 200 gms

Coriander 50 gms

Chives 50 gms



Fresh lemon 3pc Coriander leaf 1p


Salad and Dressing Olive oil 200 ml Lemon juice 100 gms Dijon mustard 30 gms

Rocket leaves 250 gms



Avocado 400 gms Plum tomato 150 gms Red onion 100 gms Olive oil 80 ml

Lemon juice 50 ml


Tomato Relish

Garlic 70 gms

Honey 50 ml

Hickory 20 gms

Plum tomatoes 600 gms Balsamic vinegar 50 gms Sunflower oil 15 ml


To taste


White Pepper


Step 1  Using two bowls, place one bowl with ice and one with crab and mix with all the chopped herbs

Step 2 To make the salsa, peel the onion, papaya, tomatoes and cut them into smaller cubes and mix together

Step 3 For guacamole, peel the avocado, remove the stone and place in a bowl, using a folk squash avocadi into semi smooth paste

Step 4 Add chopped tomatoes and onion, season with lemon juice, salt and          pepper to taste 

Step 5 In a bowl, place the mustard, lemon juice, and olive oil for dressing

Step 6 Sautee garlic till translucent, add tomato and cook futher to foam a paste, add smoking liquid and finish off with honey for tomato relish

Step 7  Pick the salad and dress with balsamic dressing

Step 8 Plate as per the picture, garnish with coriander and lemon

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