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REPs launches new process to help Provisional members achieve Full Status

The REPs UAE team are pleased to announce the launch of the “REPs UAE Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) process for Provisional Members”. This new REPs scheme is for members who have been given the Personal Trainer category on REPs with provisional status. The aim of the RPL process is to accurately determine whether a REPs UAE provisional member has the sufficient experience, knowledge and competence to be upgraded to full status on REPs.

This new RPL process is for candidates who feel they are ready to go straight to assessment of their personal training capabilities and who do not feel they require any additional education. In fact, many provisional members will not be suitable candidates for the RPL process and the best route to achieving full status will be via gaining a recognised qualification through an accredited training provider. The REPs RPL process provides an option for those who believe they are ready to proceed directly to assessment of their skills and experience.

REPs UAE gives provisional status to members who have qualifications and experience of working in fitness, but REPs staff cannot be sure that the member’s certification fully meets all the REPs UAE fitness standards and criteria. They are given one year to achieve full status in order to be able to renew their REPs membership.

The RPL process is based on two stages. Firstly, in the Application Stage the candidate submits their CV, and all fitness education certificates. Then, in the Assessment Stage, the candidate must demonstrate programming skills through evidence of real client programmes and case study scenarios. Finally, there is a practical assessment in the gym to allow the REPs assessor to assess their practical capabilities in delivering a personal training session.

REPs UAE is very clear this is a “one shot” process for those who believe they have the necessary knowledge and competence to upgrade to full status without undertaking further fitness education.

The RPL process has been developed over several months and piloted with the first candidate who successfully completed the process and was upgraded to full status.

Provisional members who are interested in this RPS process should contact the REPs Office for more details on the process and criteria.

Catherine Hanson Farid, REPs UAE Director of Operations said “we are delighted to launch this RPL scheme for provisional members, it is something we have wanted to implement for many years, so it is great to see it come to fruition. We know there are some great trainers who we have to give provisional status to, and this process will allow them to demonstrate their skills through a short but robust process so they can achieve full status. This is another example of how we can serve our members and the wider fitness industry”.

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